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hvac controls and thermostats

Although your air conditioning unit plays a vital role in your comfort during a Las Vegas summer, the real key to your contentment is the thermostat that controls your air conditioner. Having the right controls and thermostats means decreased energy consumption, increased efficiency, and the transformation of your indoor environment into an oasis.

Controls and Thermostats Deliver Added Comfort

As the command center for your indoor environment, your thermostat is a small but mighty component. Aloha Air Conditioning features a selection of controls and thermostats that take your comfort up a notch or two:

  • Traditional: Many homes function fine with traditional thermostats, and we do carry replacement models. However, many manufacturers are phasing out these models in favor of up-to-date versions.
  • Programmable: Programmable thermostats give you more control without the need to constantly change settings. Whether you opt for a one-week program or a seven-day schedule, you’ll save a bundle on energy costs while ensuring optimal comfort.
  • Smart: Smart thermostats use Wi-Fi technology to give you control while you’re on the go. Voice control and self-learning capability are among the attractive features of these thermostats.

Las Vegas Controls and Thermostats Repair and Adjustment

It’s not surprising that thermostats get most of the attention, but it’s important to recognize that there are other controls in your HVAC system. Controls and sensors regulate your home’s humidity levels, monitor air exchange rates, and register carbon monoxide or other gas emission levels. If any of these controls — or your thermostat — malfunctions, your comfort and safety can quickly become compromised.

Our techs at Aloha Air Conditioning have a wealth of experience troubleshooting Las Vegas controls and thermostats. We have the equipment to track down the source of the problem and the skill to fix or adjust it. From making sure your single-zone thermostat is correctly located and calibrated to replacing sensors and repairing circuit breakers, our techs at Aloha Air Conditioning deliver quick, efficient results.

Seasoned Controls and Thermostats Contractors

Our team at Aloha Air Conditioning can help you find the thermostat that best fits your lifestyle. In the process, we’ll make sure that the other controls and sensors in your HVAC system are in top-notch condition, too. As with all of our other HVAC services, we provide a total satisfaction guarantee for our controls and thermostats.

If you’re looking for qualified controls and thermostats contractors in Las Vegas, get in touch with our team at Aloha Air Conditioning.

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