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Will Upgrading Your HVAC Increase Home Equity in North Las Vegas, NV?

You may have many questions when upgrading your HVAC system. An HVAC system certainly isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when fixing a home. When upgrading your HVAC in North Las Vegas, NV, there are many factors to consider.

Upgrading Your HVAC Saves You Money

Depending on the condition of the HVAC system, a buyer may not want to make an offer on your home. A failing HVAC system would raise red flags with inspectors and slow the sale of your home. Upgrading an HVAC system might increase the value of your home and bring more buyers to the property.

When upgrading an HVAC system, look into newer and better energy-efficient models to improve your home’s value. You and other homeowners know that about a third of the annual utility bill is heating. You can also get a tax break for upgrading to a more energy-efficient HVAC.

Costs of HVAC Installs

There are many factors to consider when installing an HVAC system. You would need a professional to look at your home and decide the best route to upgrade or install a new heating or cooling system. The square footage of your home and ductwork architecture are both challenging to estimate.

The age of the home matters when estimating the cost of an HVAC system. Older homes have less insulation and would require better insulation or a stronger system. Larger homes will need larger HVAC systems or two separate units.

Variations of HVAC Systems

Whether you are updating a heat pump, split system, ductless mini-split system, packaged HVAC system, or high-velocity HVAC system, there will always be variations in the price and added value. First, you should look at the capacity the home needs. An HVAC system needs about 20 to 60 BTUs per square foot, and an expert can calculate that number while factoring in climate.

Energy efficiency and brands can affect the price and the property value. A new system could cost thousands more than other brands but could reduce energy costs by 14% annually. Well-known and trusted brands are worth the price, but most people look at the HVAC system’s age over the label.

A new HVAC system can raise the price of your home. Call Aloha Air Conditioning to set up an HVAC installation appointment.

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