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Why Won’t My AC System Shut Off in Summerlin, NV?

Your air conditioner shouldn’t take too long to cool your home during the spring in Summerlin, NV. An AC cycle should go for between 10 and 15 minutes, and anything longer might mean there’s an issue. The following are some common reasons an AC system won’t shut off:

Dirty Condenser Unit

Your compressor outside releases the warm air that was inside your home, but if the condenser unit has accumulated dirt and grime, that won’t happen. Even the buildup of fallen leaves or dryer lint on the compressor grille can prevent the release of warm air, which means your air won’t get cool and your AC system won’t turn off.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

Your thermostat tells your air conditioner to shut down once it senses that the indoor temperature has reached your set point. However, if the sensors lose their calibration over time, they may think the home isn’t cool enough yet. The result will be continual air conditioning cycling.

Bad Fan Limit Switch

Chances are your fan limit switch is in the override position and won’t budge from there. This means that the thermostat can’t tell it to shut off, resulting in a never-ending air conditioning cycle. Annual maintenance can spot problems like this early on; our service technicians could reset the switch or replace it if it’s worn out.

An Undersized AC System

One possibility is that your AC system doesn’t have enough capacity to adequately blow air throughout your entire home. Whether the installers made a mistake or you added a room to your home, it’s a problem that has only one solution: replacement of the whole AC system.

Aloha Air Conditioning is here to inspect and repair your AC system in Summerlin, so call today for a convenient appointment. Our service technicians are NATE-certified and can service any make or model of ducted or ductless air conditioner.

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