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4 Tips for Making Your Heat Pump Last Longer in Las Vegas

Buying a heat pump after every few years is an expensive affair. Therefore, it’s essential to engage in practices that increase your current heat pump’s life. Read on to learn how to make a heat pump in Las Vegas, NV, serve your home and family longer and more efficiently:

Change Your Air Filter Often

Your heat pump’s filter keeps your indoor air clean by eliminating pollutants in it. The filter catches these pollutants, thus preventing them from continuing to circulate in your indoor airspace. If the filter remains unchanged for long, multiple contaminants may accumulate on it.

These contaminants create a barrier that inhibits air from entering your system. In turn, your heat pump overworks, trying to draw more air.

Overworking increases wear and tear of your heat pump’s components. Consider checking and replacing your air filter every one to three months.

Don’t Ignore Anything Unusual

Typically, a heat pump will show some signs when parts begin to fail. You may notice unusual sounds or odors. It may also short cycle or run continuously. Whenever you notice your heat pump is operating in an unusual manner, seek the professional services. This helps to address the underlying problems early enough before they worsen.

Always Hire a Reputable HVAC Company

When your heat pump breaks down, it’s not a good idea to repair it by yourself if you’re not a trained service technician. Firstly, you may not have the right tools and equipment for the job. Secondly, chances are you lack the necessary knowledge and skills to fix a heat pump, thus increasing the likelihood of worsening the damage.

On the other hand, a professional service technician has modern tools and equipment coupled with enough skills and experience, guaranteeing they will do a clean and efficient job. Either way, your heat pump’s warranty likely requires that all maintenance be done by professionals.

Schedule Regular Maintenance Services

A maintenance tuneup keeps your system in top shape. The service includes procedures such as cleaning all components, lubricating moving parts, sealing any leakages and tightening any loose connections.

We’ll take good care of your system and make it last longer. Call Aloha Air Conditioning for outstanding heat pump services in and around Las Vegas.

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