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Ductless AC System With A Leak

Should My Ductless AC System Leak Water in Henderson, NV?

Your ductless AC system shouldn’t leak water in your Henderson, NV, home. However, homeowners must understand how and why this unfortunate event might happen. Here are a few reasons ductless AC systems might leak water:

Drainage Issues

The principal source for mini-split water leaks is your system’s drainage system. Ductless mini-splits use air handlers to operate. The continuous operation of these devices will trigger the buildup of condensation, requiring a drainage system to remove that condensation.

There are two main drainage system problems with mini-splits: cracked drain pans and clogged condensate lines. To fix the former issue, a service technician can install a new pan. Clogged condensate lines will require more extensive work to remove the cause of the obstruction.

Dirty Filters

Dirty filters are an all-around serious threat to your ductless mini-split. Not only do they lead to general declines in functioning by blocking airflow, but they may also cause heat and humidity to build up in the system and generate condensation.

Water or Refrigerant?

While water in the form of condensation can leak from your mini-split, sometimes liquid refrigerant can also be the source of a leak. The easiest way to distinguish a refrigerant leak from a water leak is by smell. Water is odorless, while refrigerant has a sweet ether-like smell.

If you’re convinced you have a refrigerant leak instead of a water leak, evacuate your home immediately. Refrigerant is highly toxic, and you shouldn’t risk exposure to it. Instead, call a trained HVAC service technician and request a maintenance service to replace the lost refrigerant.

Understanding that a leaking mini-split is cause for concern and receiving help from a professional is important in protecting your investment. Call Aloha Air Conditioning and schedule ductless AC services today. We’ll fix the leak in your ductless air conditioner with the most cost-effective, long-lasting solution.

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