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Potential Furnace Issues Caused by Bad Thermostats

Most homeowners in Henderson, NV, know that the thermostat is the control center for your home’s heating and cooling system. The thermostat determines when to heat or cool your home through the furnace and air conditioning system. When thermostats fail, they may cause a number of issues, ranging in severity from inconvenience to costly system damage.

Short Cycling

Short cycling occurs when a faulty thermostat causes the furnace to start up and shut down too frequently. Rapid succession starts and stops are potentially quite damaging to the furnace, as they can result in premature wear and failure. Short cycling also uses more energy, costing you more money, and leaves your home uncomfortable.

Incorrect Temperatures

Thermostat failures and improper calibration may lead to a system that does not maintain the correct temperature. In addition to causing your discomfort, this most likely means that your furnace will be working harder than it should.

No Heat

This situation is probably the easiest to detect. The thermostat fails to engage the furnace as the house cools, and the house gets cold. If not caught in time, a home without heat can lead to frozen plumbing pipes.

Furnace or AC Unit Is Always On

Thermostat failure may also cause a condition where the furnace or AC unit will not shut off, resulting in excessive heating or cooling. This happens because the shutoff mechanism is not triggered like it should be when the room reaches the correct temperature. This phenomenon may also lead to emergency calls for furnace or AC service and premature component failure.

Furnace performance is an important aspect of safety and comfort within your home. If you have concerns about your system’s performance, it’s worth hiring a pro such as Aloha Air Conditioning in Henderson, NV, to check out your thermostat today.

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