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Pilot Light Problems: What Color Should My Gas Furnace Burn?

Do you use a gas furnace to heat your home in Summerlin, NV? The pilot light is one of its primary components. Ensuring your pilot light burns the right color is critical to your health, safety and comfort.

What’s a Pilot Light?

The pilot light inside your gas furnace is a burning flame. Your gas line supplies the fuel to keep it lit and it should never go out. Your thermostat signals your furnace when your home’s temperature drops below your setting. As gas enters your furnace, the pilot light ignites it to produce heat. The pilot light’s purpose is to combust the fuel source to create heat. If the pilot light goes out, your furnace won’t produce heat to warm your house.

How Do You Check the Pilot Light?

Checking your furnace’s pilot light is easy. Remove the cover panel on the furnace to expose the burner assembly and flame of the pilot light. It should be clearly visible. Make sure the pilot light is burning blue.

Should My Gas Furnace Burn Blue, Yellow or Orange?

When checking the pilot light in your gas furnace, you want to see a steady blue flame that burns evenly. This indicates an ideal mixture of gas and air. However, if the flame is mostly yellow and flickering, there’s likely too much air inside the gas line. A leak in the gas line or a broken thermocouple can cause this problem that requires repairs.

If you notice the pilot light in your gas furnace burning bright orange, there’s probably too much gas feeding the flame. The pilot can’t burn all of the gas, which can result in some of it leaking into your living spaces through the supply vents or the build-up of carbon monoxide. This is dangerous, so call a heating repair company immediately.

If you suspect the pilot light in your furnace is experiencing problems, don’t wait for a professional to inspect it. Contact Aloha Air Conditioning to schedule your gas furnace repair in Summerlin, NV, immediately.

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