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Is Your Pet Hurting Your Indoor Air Quality in Henderson, NV?

We all love our pets here in Henderson, NV, but our pets can often hurt our indoor air quality (IAQ) if we aren’t proactive about protecting ourselves. With that said, it only takes a little bit of discipline to prevent your pets from compromising your home’s IAQ. Here are three things to watch out for if you have pets.

1. Outdoor Allergens Making Their Way Inside

While your cat or dog is out for a walk around the neighborhood, they could very well be picking up bacteria, dirt, dust, and pollen in their fur or on their paws. When your pets come bounding back inside, any allergens they’ve picked up can then make their way into your vents and start circulating around your home.

2. Pet Dander Everywhere

Dander can be tough to spot, but you’ll definitely know it’s there if you have an allergic reaction to it. Such allergic reactions to animal dander are surprisingly common. Diligently changing out your HVAC filters every two to three months and investing in an air purifier are two excellent ways to reduce your exposure to dander.

3. Dirt and Toxins on Your Bed

If your pets don’t have a dedicated place to sleep, then they’re probably sleeping on the furniture or in your bed with you. Provided you bathe them regularly, pets that crawl into bed with you probably won’t have any impact on your IAQ. If your pet tracks dirt or pollutants from outside onto your sheets or around your bedroom vents, however, then your home’s IAQ can take a dip in a hurry.

Are you looking for more ways to pet-proof the indoor air quality of your Henderson home? We can help you repair your existing air purification system or figure out if an upgrade is in order. Contact Aloha Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment with one of our indoor air quality professionals.

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