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ductless mini split ac

Is a Mini-Split AC Right For Your Henderson Home?

Some of the most efficient air conditioning systems available today are ductless mini-split AC systems. If you’re considering a mini-split for your Henderson, Nevada, home, we’ve broken down the advantages.

Key Advantages of Mini-Split AC

Ductless mini-splits use the same basic cooling cycle as any other air conditioner, but they are substantially more efficient because of two key refinements. The first advantage is that mini-splits deliver their cooling power directly to your living space instead of sending it through the duct system. The average central air conditioner loses almost a third of its cooling power to leaks in the ducts; mini-splits sidestep this problem entirely.

The second key advantage of a mini-split is its variable-speed compressor. Most air conditioners have compressors that can only run at one or two speeds, which means they tend to overshoot your target temperature; this is why air conditioners occasionally cycle on and off. A variable-speed compressor allows a mini-split system to match your home’s cooling needs precisely in real time, which means there is no wasted power and no cycling on and off. This improves both efficiency and comfort.

Deciding Whether to Go Ductless

Because of their unique advantages, mini-splits are great for certain types of homes. In older homes without duct systems, for example, a mini-split can be a cost-effective alternative to having an entire duct system built from scratch. The same is true for new additions, as extending the duct system can be expensive. Because they are compact, mini-splits are also great for apartments, condominiums and small homes.

However, the biggest advantage of mini-split AC is the vastly improved energy efficiency, and that matters for homeowners in any type of home. We run our air conditioners throughout much of the year, so any increase in energy efficiency matters. That’s why you should speak to an experienced mini-split AC company about your options. For more information, check out our ductless HVAC services online or call Aloha Air Conditioning today.

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