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How to Winterize Your Las Vegas, Nevada HVAC System

Las Vegas, Nevada, may generally be warm, but the cold air of winter can still hit hard if you’re not prepared. You’ll need an adequate heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning system to keep your home comfortable for the cold season, so you should make sure yours is ready. Learn how to winterize your HVAC system and discover everything you need to do to get it prepped for the winter.

Clean the System

If your HVAC system is a heat pump or air conditioning system and is located outside of your home, cleaning it before winter comes is essential, especially considering how dirty it can get throughout the fall. Leaves and branches can fall over the unit and even become trapped inside. To ensure it’s properly cleaned, you’ll have to take a hose to spray away all the dust and dirt. Be careful not to use high-pressured water, as that could bend the fan blades or damage internal parts.

Cover the Unit

The appropriately named fall season sees the most debris falling around your heat pump or air conditioner unit, but winter can also cause falling debris. That’s why you need to get a cover for the system throughout the winter. The end goal is to keep moisture and debris out, so you don’t necessarily have to buy a specially made cover. A properly secured tarp can do the job.

Replace the Air Filter

Whether your unit is indoors or outdoors, replacing the air filter is one of the most aspects of maintenance. Filters should get replaced about four times a year — every three months or so — but certain factors can cause it to wear down faster. If you don’t have a clean air filter when winter arrives, your unit will have a much harder time getting warm air into your home, which will reduce efficiency and increase costs.

If you’re looking for professional winterization for your heat pump or air conditioner, or a tune-up or replacement furnace to keep you toasty, Aloha Air Conditioning is happy to help. Our installation and repair services are quick and easy, so call 702-623-0829 or contact us online to upgrade your HVAC system.

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