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How To Combat Poor Ventilation in Your Summerlin Home

Poor home ventilation can cause a lot of common respiratory problems. To help improve overall air quality and home health, here’s how to combat poor ventilation in Summerlin, NV.

Properly Ventilate the Attic

Good airflow in the attic prevents heat from getting trapped in high areas. There are ways to correct this, including installing an attic fan, installing gable end vents or putting ridge venting in the roof. With better ventilation in the attic, you reduce energy costs.

Keep Appliances Efficient and Ventilated

If appliances are well maintained and running effectively, airflow isn’t disrupted by dust and debris that can accumulate around appliances. In turn, these contaminants won’t get in the air, interfering with system performances, which can result in maintenance service. Keep refrigerator vents clean and cleared, unclog and upgrade dryer vents and be sure to maintain clean air filters and replace them as suggested.

Use Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans circulate cool air upwards on warm days. In the winter, reverse the spin and the fan redistributes heat trapped near the ceiling. Either way, the circulation helps generate a more efficient airflow.

Window Screens

Window screens are a good idea during the warmer months of the year. They let fresh air enter the home but help keep unwanted pests out. The installation will also minimize the use of cooling systems and save on utilities.

Add a Ventilator to Your System

Ventilators replace recirculated stale air with filtered outdoor air. It’s a solid idea for a climate like Summerlin, NV, where it’s warm and humid. Ventilators transfer moisture and manage humidity levels.

Whether it’s a ceiling fan or attic ventilation, you want to improve indoor air quality. To combat poor ventilation, call Aloha Air Conditioning in Las Vegas, NV for the finest air quality services.

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