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Heat Pump Leaking Refrigerant

Is My Heat Pump Leaking Refrigerant in My Henderson, NV Home?

A refrigerant leak can cause your heat pump to lose its efficiency. In some cases, it’ll make it shut down completely, resulting in unwanted repair or replacement costs. The following are four signs that the heat pump in your Henderson, NV, home is leaking refrigerant.

Hissing Noise

If you notice a hissing noise coming from your heat pump, one of the possible reasons is that there’s a refrigerant leak. Should you hear this noise, it’s important to have a professional check your heat pump as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

Another symptom of a refrigerant leak is a frozen evaporator coil. This happens when the coil becomes too cold because there’s not enough refrigerant flowing through it.

If you notice this problem, shut off your heat pump and call a qualified service technician immediately. Trying to operate your heat pump with a frozen evaporator coil can severely damage the unit and result in high repair or replacement bills.

Rising Electric Bills

An unusually high electric bill may happen because the compressor is working harder to circulate the reduced amount of refrigerant throughout the system. If you see a sudden spike in your electric bill, it’s best to have your heat pump checked as soon as possible. Catching a refrigerant leak early can save you money in the long run by preventing further damage to your system.

Increased Humidity

An increase in humidity levels inside your home can happen because the lack of refrigerant prevents the system from effectively removing moisture from the air. Should you notice an uptick in humidity levels, it’s time to have your heat pump serviced.

Call Aloha Air Conditioning if you’re looking for heating services in Henderson, NV. With our 24/7 emergency availability for a variety of HVAC problems, you’ll never have to wait long for help when your system is leaking refrigerant.

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