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3 Easily Avoidable HVAC Thermostat Mistakes in Henderson, NV

Misusing your thermostat results in increased HVAC system breakdowns and reduced indoor comfort. Unfortunately, most homeowners aren’t even aware they make mistakes with their thermostats. If you want your Henderson, NV, home to experience maximum comfort and efficiency, avoid these three common thermostat mistakes:

Setting the Thermostat Too High

When you enter a cold house during winter, you may crank up the thermostat, hoping the device will prompt the HVAC system to heat your home more quickly. However, cranking it up doesn’t affect how quickly the HVAC system warms your house.

Instead, the HVAC system works for a longer period than usual. As a result, it consumes more energy and its parts wear out faster.

Using the Wrong Fan Setting

On your thermostat, two settings control how the HVAC system’s fan works. These are “ON” and “AUTO.” When you set the fan to “AUTO,” the fan distributes the heated air only when the system is running a cycle.

If your home has hot and cold spots, you can set the thermostat to “ON.” This setting keeps the fan running even after the system has completed a temperature regulation cycle, allowing the fan to distribute the heated air evenly and eliminate the cold spots in your house.

However, if you leave the fan running for a long time, it’ll start distributing cold air, as the system isn’t running a heating cycle. Consider using the “AUTO” setting for better results.

Attempting DIY HVAC Repairs

It’s not wise to repair anything in your HVAC system if you aren’t a professional. You may create new problems or get electrocuted. Leave thermostat repairs to trained and experienced HVAC professionals.

Avoiding these bad habits allows the device to work efficiently. Call Aloha Air Conditioning for professional heating services if your thermostat develops problems.

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