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4 Ways to Increase Your Heat Pump Lifespan

Your HVAC system consumes a significant amount of energy in your Las Vegas, NV, house. Here are a few pointers to remember to help you prolong your heat pump lifecycle and reduce your monthly power expenditures.

1. Change Your Air Filters

Dirty air filters in the heat pump might push it to run harder than required to get the intended results, eventually wearing down the unit faster than normal. To help, clean or change the filters on a regular basis, thus allowing the system to work smoothly by eliminating dust, dirt and debris.

2. Maintain the Cleanliness of Your Outdoor Unit

This is an important consideration that is frequently disregarded. Remove any leaves, sticks or debris from your outside box. Trim any bushes or landscape plants that are growing nearby.

3. Address Strange Noises

If your Las Vegas, NV heat pump begins to make strange noises, have it examined immediately. This is any noise other than the normal grumbling sounds made by the heat pump whenever it initially turns on.

If you detect grinding or banging sounds, switch off your unit immediately and contact a reputable professional to resolve the issue before the heat pump suffers further damage. These noises might indicate that a part of the heat pump has become loose and requires expert repair.

4. Plan Regular Servicing

Maintenance is the most effective strategy to avoid HVAC failure. You can ensure that your system is functioning at optimal performance by scheduling servicing at least once annually.

A licensed expert can promptly diagnose and fix any possible concerns during a visit. They’ll replace any defective parts, loosened screws or unclean components immediately.

Give our staff at Aloha Air Conditioning a call today if you’d like an HVAC maintenance appointment. Allow us to assist you in optimizing the effectiveness of your Las Vegas HVAC system.

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