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3 Ways to Avoid an Air Conditioning Breakdown in Your Las Vegas Home

When you live or work in Las Vegas, Nevada, there’s never a good time for an air conditioning breakdown. These three simple strategies can help you beat the heat and avoid an unexpected AC repair or replacement.

Change the Filter

A dirty filter reduces airflow, forcing your air conditioner to run overtime to keep you comfortably cool. It also allows dirt to bypass the filter and damage critical components like the system’s compressor and evaporator coils. You can help prevent an AC breakdown by checking the filter often and changing it at the first sign of dirt. This proactive task can also lower your system’s energy consumption by up to 15 percent!

Check the Outdoor Unit

Air conditioning systems work by turning refrigerant from a liquid to a gas and back again. The outdoor unit is responsible for expelling the heat generated during the process. Air must flow freely from the unit’s metal fins to avoid equipment failures. Follow these tips to keep the compressor and condenser operating properly.

  • Prune back foliage to establish a parameter of at least two feet of clear space.
  • Rake up loose leaves, pine needles and grass clippings that can blow into the fins.
  • Keep at least five feet of clearance between the unit and overhanging trees.

Schedule Preventive Maintenance

Your air conditioner works incredibly hard to keep you cool during the long warm-weather season in Las Vegas. Without proper care, the continual operation can wear down the equipment. Our professional maintenance services make it easy to ensure your system doesn’t break down when you most need it. Keeping the equipment in good repair saves you money too! Properly maintained heat pumps and air conditioners use up to 25 percent less energy than neglected systems.

Life in Las Vegas is better when you partner with a company you can trust to provide you with quality air conditioning services. Whenever you need maintenance or air conditioning repair, call Aloha Air Conditioning at 702-623-0829.

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