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3 Benefits of Spring AC Maintenance in Summerlin, NV

Summer temperatures in Summerlin, NV, can get hot and you depend on your AC for comfort. To ensure your AC unit is ready to go for summer, it’s important to get spring maintenance done on it. Learn exactly what spring maintenance is and the benefits of maintaining your system this spring.

What Is a Spring AC Tune-Up?

Once you set your system to run, it operates automatically and you may not think much about it. However, as it runs, it gets dirty, pieces wear out and loosen. When these things happen, it adds stress to the entire system, reducing efficiency and eventually lowering the service life.

A spring AC tune-up works to keep your system operating at peak performance. A technician cleans the parts that collect dirt and dust, tightens mounting bolts and tests the various components. Every task helps prevent breakdowns, improve efficiency and extend service life.

Improved Efficiency

Your system experiences strain whenever there is a problem, such as an airflow restriction or a component beginning to fail. When this happens, it makes the system either circulate less air or warmer air. Regular maintenance helps your system circulate air and refrigerant effectively, reducing your cooling bills.

Better Service Life

When you work to reduce extra strain on your system, you can expect a better service life. Your system should last the full 10–15 years, if not longer.

When you fail to maintain your system, the additional strain wears on all of your components. This means you may experience a compressor failure or other problem prematurely. A tune-up is relatively simple but helps reduce many of these premature issues, reducing your annual AC repair expenses.

Maintain Your Warranty

Many air conditioning manufacturers require professional maintenance to maintain their warranty. They know that without this maintenance, the system is likely to fail before the engineered service life. Scheduling a spring AC tune-up every year ensures your warranty is still valid if something should go wrong.

Ensure you get all you can from your air conditioner by giving it regular professional maintenance. Call Aloha Air Conditioning to schedule your spring air conditioner tune-up today.

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